On Fragments

A natural pause in making so I decided to do a review of my ceramics – where it’s heading, what I’m enjoying, what to leave behind.

And as part this I mounted some of my favourite pieces.  These have been lying around my work room as they seemed too small to do anything with but, in fact, once they’re mounted, they feel just right.  This feels like something worth pursuing.  They’re not the best photos – so that’s the next thing to master.  But it’s helped me to realise I like fragments, leftovers, broken pieces rather than whole things; I like to draw attention to what is left behind, discarded or generally unseen.  I was worried this was something of a cop-out – too easy – but if the first scraps here (made over a year ago) still hold my attention, then maybe there’s something in it.



These boards are small – 20cm square or 5 x 7 – but this could easily scale up.

Presenting the pieces like this accentuates the surface marks – lessons I can take back to my new Textiles course.


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