Slow stitch

Taking a week out on the wonderfully restorative North Norfolk coast has been an excellent decision. Just the space here always makes me feel so at ease. I’ve been continuing my hand stitching, and while I work on my piece for Lewis (see previous post) I’ve also started a stitched sketchbook, just doodling and playing with stitched marks in a way that is visually inspired by the landscape here but which also reflects my mood. Just the process of stitching like this brings me some peace. Some details:

Handling these fabrics – scraps of linen and cotton which I dyed with plants and rust – seems to connect me to the natural world and in my mind links me to Lewis and loss and the whole life cycle somehow, in a positive way. The wabi sabi thing? Maybe it’s not necessary to understand it, just enough to feel the peace it brings.

2 thoughts on “Slow stitch

  1. Good to see you have found way to begin the healing process (also the last post, which was so hard to read, but at the same time shows an incredible and beautiful process. Such a hard blow. Sending you lots of love and warm thoughts.

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