When textiles meet ceramics

My first finished ceramics pieces.



These are the vessels I created out of explorations into imprinting clay with textiles surfaces; the forms came out of work I was doing on decay and distintegration, looking at how close to distintegrating a structure could be and yet still hold together as a form.  It was good to photograph them outdoors, though I’m disappointed with how the colour has come out here as the oxides have given the surfaces a real depth and almost metallic sheen.

The other series (below) was my first attempt at cylinder forms on this scale – rather lumpen and the oxides are too thick but some lovely details – enough to encourage me to carry on, anyway…


And my new obsession – finding the perfect small bowl form and burnishing – the first series, unfired as yet:



3 thoughts on “When textiles meet ceramics

  1. I’m really liking your ceramic work Julie, in particular what I’m seeing as the ‘standing stone’ vases, which have great impact and presence, and the last little bowl on the right, which has such delicate marks and edges. Quite a contrast in styles, is that because of the difference in techniques I wonder? Or perhaps there is a different concept behind each work? I’ll have to return to your earlier posts..

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  2. I’m really just exploring at the moment. The two sets of three vessels were based on imprinting slabs with textiles (related to my OCA textiles work) and were slab-built. But after this I’ve really moved on to look at form and surface and explore a minimalist aesthetic which is more ‘me’ hence the simplicity of the later pieces. Just learning what you can do with a plain clay surface…

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