Terracotta beginnings

I’ve just received back from the kiln my first ventures into terracotta pots.  It’s not my first choice in terms of colour but it’s a lovely clay to work with. Here I was exploring how thin I could roll the clay – how much like fabric I could make it – before the whole structure sagged and tore.  As I rolled I imprinted the texture of various textiles and threads.  The glazes were watered down, wiped off and generally distressed to create a sense of age and wear.  I have to say I’m delighted with the outcomes – not very polished but hugely exciting to me.  The clay picks up the very finest of marks and feels very much like fabric to handle when rolled this thin.

The first is quite robust, with a smooth, almost polished surface.

img_4053 img_4052

The second was rolled much thinner and allowed to sag and tear.  It’s really fine and feels very light and fragile in the hand (they’re both a good handful-size).

img_4058 img_4083

The last was an experiment in gravity, about 40 cm tall and not very stable but I love its willowy elegance and the sense that it could collapse at any moment.

img_4064 img_4066


I made these back in November.  Currently waiting for the rest of my stuff to be fired.  Really, the most excited I’ve been for a long time!


4 thoughts on “Terracotta beginnings

  1. Wow! These are fantastic, Julie. I love the second one in particular, but they feel like a series, each with its own characteristics. I really like the textile indentations and the way the glaze sits in the creases and recesses.

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    1. Thank you, Julia. The clay and textiles just seem to go together and I’m really enjoying these explorations – totally making it up as I go along! Thanks for taking time to comment.


  2. These are strong and clearly you – I am sorry for the assessors miss them here. But wow. Can’t wait to the the rest. Might we actually end up loosing your to sculpture. You seem to have it in your hands – I admire your ability to do your thing and them stand back at the right time and leave room for the objects to perform on their own right. Like you did with the cast object series – just right. no more no less.

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  3. Thank you, Inger. I do like constructing things. I think these are a bit rough and ready at the moment but I’m just loving ceramics so much. Maybe in a way it’s good to have space to explore away from assessment and the course – maybe that actually helps in some ways.


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