Knit and Stitch Harrogate 2016

This year I went prepared.  With a map.  And a list of things to do and see.  I avoided the shopping and headed straight for the workshops then the galleries.  Although these were at opposite ends of the Conference Centre so I couldn’t help passing a few stalls…

Highlights and findings were:  meeting artist Alice Fox and seeing her tiny creations, beautifully and simply displayed like exhibits in a museum.  Clear crisp perspex mounts and simple pins allowed us to see and enjoy her detailed work.  The chalk pebbles with thread were new to me; the other work I’ve seen in her books and online but it was good to come up close to it.

Mono printing workshop with Kathy Hammond.  Nothing I hadn’t done before but it made a great warm-up for the show as this was the first thing I did.  First onto paper then close-weave cotton fabric.  Not the best quality prints but I have been lining up some printing onto fabric for when I finish my current OCA assignment so this served to remind me how much I enjoy this process.

And a little bit of shopping … plain and cutwork linen from c 1900 plus a long run of heavy-duty woven hemp, all added to the stash for printing and stitching when I have time.



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