For Remembrance Day my daughter (aged 8) did a poppy picture at Art Club where they were asked to blow paint through a straw rather than using a brush to make an image of some poppies.  No, this isn’t one of those cutesy blog posts where proud mums boast about their offspring’s creativity (well, maybe a little) and how unrestrained children’s creativity it.  I’ve been reading around the subject of creativity and one of the recurring themes is that of trust – as in, trusting that the process will lead somewhere or that the ideas will come or that the work will turn out OK if not how you imagined it.  And so on.  And this poppy picture struck me as a great example of this.  My daughter was quite indignant that lots of the children had ‘cheated’ and used a brush to make their flowers more, well, flower-like.  But she stuck to the instructions and produced this, which I feel is really free and lovely.


The point being that my daughter is super-anxious to get things ‘right’ but here she trusted the teacher and the process, resisted the urge to pick up a brush and control the outcome and in doing so produced a much more creative, fluid picture.

And I hope I am beginning to develop some of that trust myself.  Never too old to learn.


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