Beginning anywhere…

Winter is nesting time and ‘beginning anywhere’ with creativity today means soft furnishings  – making huge soft cushions out of a fabric remnant I bought literally 20 years ago in John Lewis, Newcastle – oh how I remember those cardboard labels with red lettering that they used to staple onto the fabric with the length and price; just the sight of them used to make my heart beat faster and I’d be rummaging through the pile in seconds.  (Do they still do this?  Only a baby JL store near me and no fabric for sale)


Plus I’m knitting a blanket for my bed – garter stitch, row after row after row, no thought required except selecting the yarn from my stash of UK 100% wools.  Great therapy.  It’s the closest I can get sometimes to going for a walk which is my activity of choice when my brain is fuzzy; when I’m tied to the house by the weather or duties or darkness, the repetitive motion of the knitting seems to be equivalent to trudging up through the woods.  Kind of taking my fingers – and my mind – for a walk.



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