One journal

I have been pondering the role of a sketchbook in my practice and reading a chance find on the shelves of the Art Department at the college where I work:  Drawing from Life:  The Journal as Art by Jennifer New.  There is quite a lot about journaling which I’m uncomfortable with – the  notion of a diary, the element of reflection and simply the number of words that seem to accumulate.  I distrust words at the moment.  But the idea of a journal where you just stash things that seem important or interesting – keepsakes, ideas, quotes, images – well, that suddenly seemed to make sense to me.

Inspired, I grabbed a lovely small square notebook bought at Salts Mill in Saltaire during the summer and got stuck in.  I found a few leftovers from my collagraph workshops with Emily Harvey; glued to the covers they made beautiful marks.


Then inside, my first scribblings.


No structure, no rules – some precious papers, a few words and one shining insight.  The way I defined my journal to myself on the first page:

a talisman

a reminder

a treasure trove


a place to dump things

for things to remember

for things I want to forget


for saying unsayable things

I like the quote I found recently on textile from Gustave Flaubert:

Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.

Maybe this will be a place to be violent and original too.  Or at least, a tiny bit bold.


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