Amy Hughes workshop at the Art Market

As I posted yesterday, I was incredibly lucky at the Art Market, York last weekend to enjoy an hour and a half workshop with just 8 the people with the incredible ceramic artist Amy Hughes.  At the time I didn’t know her name or work and she just introduced herself as Amy.  In fact, she is an extremely successful ceramic artist who has recently been Artist in Residence at the V&A.

I thought I’d post pictures of my unadorned vessels and implements as they dry out at home.  I loved Amy’s first exercise where she got us to make a pinch pot with our eyes closed then another with our eyes open – and the revelation was that for most of us,the first vessel was so much more successful – organic, quirky, fluid – than the second. My ‘blind’ pot is at the top of this post.  Rough around the edges – but what a great lesson.  She also got us making a spoon in a minute and pots using coiling – and then made us select the least effective and squash it up, just to make the point about being prepared to let it go and start again.

She was a lovely encouraging, gentle tutor.  Sadly I missed the talk Amy gave on the Sunday but I will certainly look out for her work if/when I venture to London any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Amy Hughes workshop at the Art Market

    1. I agree re the closed eyes. When I was learning to ride a horse I so remember being asked to gallop and jump fences (on the horse!) with my eyes closed – an incredibly liberating feeling. A bit like the blind drawing, same feeling. I’ve been at it again with the clay today and I’m finding the results really intuitive and free.


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