More traces

The idea was to have a gentle afternoon of art in the garden.  I’d set my heart on making textile surfaces with the earth from my garden; I envisaged printing and painting and writing with the stuff.

Instead, the arctic wind was so cold and strong I could barely move my fingers.  Postponed most of the activities till it warms up but I did achieve a few delicate prints of leaves on linen.


I’ve been gathering different samples of linen; I find the textures so appealing and it seems to form a beautiful surface for most treatments.

The morning dog walk is proving a rich source of inspiration now that it’s light and bright.  The wild flowers and blossom are eye catching but I’ve been looking at the patterns and marks formed in less obvious places, with my mind on Surface Distortion for my degree course.  Two shots of the pavement which I’ll explore in mark making:

While it’s too cold to be making outside, the little loom has been in action.





4 thoughts on “More traces

  1. Printing and painting and writing on textiles with earth from your garden? That sounds so cool! I look forward to seeing it. The leaf prints are beautiful and impressive (pun not intended).


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